Weckworth Manufacturing specializes in military contract sewing, commercial textile contract sewing, and custom design and engineering. The premier contract sewing company in the midwest, Weckworth is dedicated to manufacturing premium industrial textile products.

Weckworth successfully passed its certification audit to AS9100D + ISO 9001:2015 after working with WP Group for several months to prepare.

Brandon Hoffman, President of Weckworth, said "Chris did a terrific job of giving us an objective and understandable view of our current QMS status in terms of the improvements that would be necessary to make the transition to the new revision of the standard. Having a clear understanding of what we needed to accomplish made the transition considerably earlier than it otherwise would have been. Working with Chris helped us improve our business, as we are now more organized when it comes to action items and we have a better view of what’s on our plate as well as how we’re progressing toward completion."

Brandon Hoffman may be contacted at 800-533-8368.

Weckworth Featured in Manufacturing Marvels.  Watch the video: