ISO 45001 : 2018

We implement and audit ISO 45001 systems every day.

An ISO 45001 consultant and certified ISO auditor can:

  • Provide training and value-added consulting services to ISO 45001
  • Build a new ISO 45001 OH&S Management System
  • Implement system upgrades
  • Resolve audit findings
  • Perform internal audits
  • Witness audits

ISO 45001:2018 lays out needs for an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System. A good system helps you to provide a safe and healthy workplace, and can improve morale. As a result you can also improve work performance and quality.

You can integrate ISO 45001 with a QMS or put it in place as a stand-alone OH&S system, so it is flexible. ISO 45001 begins with the Context of the Organization, and proceeds with Leadership, Planning, Support, and Operations. It concludes with Performance and Improvement. Therefore, it closely aligns with the structure of ISO 9001.

If you are working towards an ISO 45001 certificate, we can guide you through the process. We can provide a small amount of help, or build a complete robust system, depending on your needs. During the process we can also help you select a registrar to perform your audit.

Every WP Group ISO 45001 consultant is an ISO auditor so we are in the best position to help you build a highly effective OH&S system and pass your audit.

This standard applies to any business that wants to put an OH&S system in place so it is broadly used. As a result, it is implemented across many industries for many types of products and services.

It lays out the requirements for certification, but more importantly how to improve your OH&S. Your system can improve health and safety. For example, a personal hygiene policy can help prevent the spread of colds. A good system can also reduce risks and hazards therefore making your facility safer. For example, a policy covering cleanliness and order can include things like cleaning up spills quickly and preventing trip hazards. There are many ways to use this standard to increase OH&S benefits and fix OH&S problems. As a result you can also improve not only work performance but business goals.

The ISO 45001 standard is published by ISO.

ISO 45001 Consultant - ISO Standard
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