Below are some of the practical and impactful ways we can help you improve your business.  Improvements are identified and implemented by applying standards such as ISO, and methodologies such as Six Sigma, 5S, and others.

Process Control and Improvement
  • Error-proofing
  • Reducing process waste
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Ensuring conformity of outputs
  • Minimizing process variation
  • Reducing process risks
Control of Production and Service Provision
  • Controlling inputs and raw materials
  • Ensuring customer requirements are consistently met
  • Ensuring identification, traceability, and preservation of raw materials and finished products
  • Ensuring proper release of finished products
  • Monitoring and measuring activities throughout production and service provision
  • Controlling non-conforming raw materials and products
Corrective and Preventative Action
  • Performing root cause analysis for non-conformances
  • Determining and implementing corrective actions
  • Preventing recurrence or occurrence elsewhere
Resource management
  • Optimizing resources to reduce waste
  • Ensuring proper control and management of vendors
  • Controlling outsourced processes
Risk management
  • Mitigating risk in all aspects of operations and production
Internal Audit
  • Designing and implementing effective self-assessment programs
Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • Designing and implementing a Quality Management System consistent with strategic goals
  • Creating a quality culture and developing buy-in across all levels of staff


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